Scary prank lover? We got you!

Look, a snake is crawling and hissing on your screen...


Broken Screen Prank

The app simulates the cracked screen and loud cracking sounds on your phone.


Hair Clipper Pro - Electric Hair Trimmer

  • Get close to a friend and "cut" his/her hair...

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Very nice app it makes me laugh that's so cool when the snake come on the screen with her voice.

This is very fantastic camera! It has lots of fun also in clicking photo. The animals are too funny and this app was very nice and awesome.

Such a fun little toy!! It sounds and feels like the real stuff but less intense. It will startle you but in a rather safe way...unless you get punched by a friend!

I love this app. I showed this to my friend from school and she actually believed it was a real broken screen. Lol

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